TECTONICS                                             (NCGT) JOURNAL

For over two decades, under the leadership of the NCGT Journal Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Dong Choi, the NCGT Journal has been a beacon of light for researchers needing a voice and platform to publish their research and offer new concepts that pushed boundaries and challenged established thinking. The "new" NCGT Journal is committed to that same general purpose.

The NCGT Journal has evolved over the years from a journal focused on tectonics to one that now addresses other fields, for example: climatology, seismology, oceanography, solar and solar system physics, and earth sciences.

It is our fondest hope that those who want a source for innovation in these and other fields of research, will continue to support the NCGT Journal as it creates the commercial base to become a lasting pillar of knowledge for tomorrow's "evidence-based" science.

                           "What is today's contrarian science, may become tomorrow's established science."

                Antipodal Archean superanticlines. Choi and Kubota 2015. NCGT Journal, v. 3, no. 3, p. 367-377. Base map – Magnetic anomaly by Korhonen et al., 2007.                                           


Born in 1945 in Tokyo. Dr. of Sci. in 1972 from Hokkaido Univ. Work history: Chief Eng. Kokusai Kogyo Co. Tokyo – marine geophysical survey/geological mapping; Post-Doctoral Fellow/Assis. Prof. Univ. of Miami – carbonate sedimentology; Australian Bureau of Mineral Resources, Canberra – marine heat flow/continental margin geology; Independent Consulting Geologist; From 1991 to present, Managing Director, Raax Australia Pty Ltd. – borehole imaging and geological analysis; Editor-in-Chief, New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal (www.ncgtjournal.com); Director of Research, International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (www.ievpc.org), Operations Center, Canberra, Australia. Fields of interest: Earthquake prediction, sunken continents, global tectonics.

The September 2017 edition of the NCGT Journal Vol. 5, No 3 has been published as of October 1, 2017!

The NCGT Journal is now available at prices anyone can afford:  Only $2.00 (USD) for each of the last 4 issues and only $1.00 (USD) each for all previous issues!